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Welcome to Tower Bridge Advisors

  • Founded in 2001
  • Singular focus on providing exceptional investment management
    services to individuals, families and select institutions
  • Majority owned by employees
  • 10-person investment team, all with extensive research and portfolio management experience managing stocks and bonds
  • Customized portfolios created to meet each client's needs
  • Commitment to outstanding service

As an employee owned firm, we are guided by one principal–doing what is in the best interest of the client. We do not answer to a corporate parent, nor do we use any investment products that create conflicts of interest or excessive fees for our clients.

Our extensive experience in the investment industry means that we have seen up markets, down markets and everything in between. That experience provides us with the perspective to manage each client’s individual needs in an appropriate fashion.

Client Focus
The process of working with a client starts with a thorough understanding of their life goals, their risk tolerance and their need for growth and income. Understanding a client’s needs is an ongoing process, so we continually communicate with our clients about their needs and any changes in their lives.

The Tower Bridge Difference

Tower Bridge Advisors was founded in 2001 with a mission to provide high quality investment advice alongside outstanding client service. We manage equity and fixed income portfolios comprised of individual stocks and bonds. Our clients choose us because of our commitment to investment research, our experience in managing client portfolios and our laser like focus on our clients' needs. Our ten investment professionals have, on average, more than 25 years’ experience researching investment opportunities, and managing portfolios through up as well as down markets.

Our investment process starts with a clear understanding of each client’s unique financial situation, and takes into account their tax status and tolerance for risk. Only by understanding these factors can we develop an appropriate investment solution.

Our rigorous investment process results in a customized asset allocation for each client. Each client’s portfolio is constructed of 35-40 stocks which represent the best ideas of our investment team, and an appropriate allocation to bonds to achieve the client’s requirement for income and stability.

From a client service standpoint, we make ourselves available for phone calls and in person meetings as frequently as desired. Our clients appreciate talking directly to the person who manages their account, not a marketing person or an intermediary. Our team of experienced administrators also reach out to our clients to ensure proper management of all administrative details of their accounts.

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