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Benefits of A Separately Managed Account

Separately managed accounts are a terrific alternative to today’s “packaged products” with many benefits to the client and the advisor. Separately managed accounts allow you to:

Customize portfolios based on client needs

bulletActively manage tax impact

Have direct access to the portfolio manager who is making the investment decisions

Provide clients with total transparency - they can see precisely which securities they own

Provide clients with professional management at a better price than most funds or other packaged products

Financial Advisors

Shared Goals
As a separate account manager, we have developed relationships with a number of investment advisors who focus on gathering assets and servicing their clients, utilizing the professionals at Tower Bridge to manage the investment process. We and our advisor partners share the same objective—to provide outstanding service in helping clients reach their financial goals.

Client Service
Although we manage the client’s assets, we work with the financial advisor to determine the level of involvement by Tower Bridge that is appropriate for each client. We are happy to take an active role to assist the advisor in working with the client if desired. We recognize that the financial advisor is an important client to Tower Bridge.

Value Add
We believe that we can enhance the value the advisor brings to the table. And we believe that by associating with a quality firm like Tower Bridge, the advisor can strengthen his or her relationship with the end client.

Why Tower Bridge
We have one focus, and that is to customize portfolios for the benefit of our clients. We have an experienced team that brings great perspective and expertise to every relationship. And we are committed to the highest level of customer service. We are available to meet with you and your client in person or over the phone and we are willing to meet as frequently as you and your client desire. We also provide a brief market commentary 3 days per week to keep you and your client up to date on our latest thinking. In addition we offer monthly webinars to provide additional insights into the markets and our thought process.

Our interests are aligned with yours. We want to help your client achieve their goals, and we want them to know that we, like you, are looking out for their best interests at all times.

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